Hire the Professional Septic Service and Forget Your Worries

Boyd Enterprises is a company with a team that has over 30 years of excavation and demolition experience. We are available for hire from any land, home, and business property owner in Lawrence, KS. Ever since our company was established in 2003 we have offered services at competitive rates and flexible booking and work schedule. Our licensed company provides 24/7 emergency services. Call (785) 423-0680 and let the insured professionals provide you with the demolition, excavation, or septic service you need!

It is easy to notice the indications of septic system problems. There are slow-flushing toilets, water backing up into sinks, showers or tubs, and of course the horrible smell. When you book our septic service the specialists will come to perform a site evaluation. We will tell you what is the situation and give you suggestions on how to proceed. Our team does it all from the soil classification, determine the area of a trench, getting a layout of the job transfers the design to the ground, the excavation, and building the septic systems. We follow all local health department rules and perform a final inspection before we state that our work is completed.

With every service we perform our team uses industrial grade heavy machinery and tools. Boyd Enterprises’s fleet of trucks and heavy machines are regularly maintained and kept in perfect condition. To our team safety is our number one priority. We keep all regulations and safety procedures when we work to protect ourselves, the client, and our client’s property. When we perform septic service our team follows the construction plans precisely so that there is no need for additional work. Our experience and knowledge keep expanding and we always provide the top-quality service we are known for.

Call us when you need any kind of excavation, land grading and leveling, drainage, site grading, trenching, backfilling, septic services, or correcting wet and low lying land. We will remove the stump, shrubs, and rocks from your property to make space for the new landscape or construction site. Our demolition squad will gladly clear away the old building to make a place for the new one. Tell our specialists in Lawrence, KS what needs to be done and we will be right there for you!