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What Is Involved with a Site Excavation?

Site excavation is when the likes of rock, soil, and other such materials are removed from a site, usually with the aid of heavy earthmoving equipment that can include bulldozers and excavators. There are several reasons why this is done, including the desire to explore a site for archaeological reasons, to environmental remediation. Depending on the reason of this, it will be performed by various professionals.

During the new construction for buildings, roads, etc., excavating is the earliest stage, the site will be excavated in order to create a level and clean area to work, after which the foundations will be installed. A site can be excavated and backfilled to see if the material beneath is of good quality. The depth of site will also vary, depending on what will be built and where it will happen.

Environmental remediation will often involve excavating work. When the soil is contaminated, it will often be necessary to remove it and then backfill it using clean soil. The excavated soil is taken to a facility that will oversee these materials. Excavating is sometimes done to prepare a site to house contaminated materials, however, beforehand the site must be outfitted with liners in order to prevent any seepage from occurring.

Some construction companies only specialize in site excavating. They will have an assortment of equipment and crews that will handle various excavations, and will often deal with construction supports to stop the collapse of side walls to the organization of safe removal of the excavated material. Hiring these companies will ensure the job is performed safely and efficiently, reducing any risks of problems at the site further down the line. For archaeological projects, specialized firms will also provide consulting services which include site evaluation. For all your excavating needs, please call Boyd Enterprises in Lawrence, KS today on (785) 423-0680.

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