Hire the Excavating Contractor You Can Count On

Dial (785) 423-0680 to hire the excavating contractor with over 30 years of digging experience. We are available 24/7 for any emergency services. Boyd Enterprises’ team will gladly help you with the preparation of your residential or commercial construction site in Lawrence, KS. We will give you consultation and a competitive price for our work. Call us for a professional work performed by a licensed and insured company. Our meeting and construction schedules are flexible and depend on your availability.

Our specialist will meet you and come to check the future construction site. We will give you our expert assessment and site evaluation. Tell us what needs to be dug and as your excavating contractor, we will organize the rest. We will determine the exact area of the trench and transfer the design to the ground. Our crew will do the excavation, clear away the site, haul the soil, and leveled the space. We will give one final inspection and then present you with a ready for construction land.

Boyd Enterprises is an excavating contractor that relies on knowledgeable and experienced workers, drivers, and heavy machine operators. We have trucks, tools, and industrial grade heavy machinery for the digging and hauling of the soil and debris. Safety is our top priority and we follow all regulations and take every precaution measure. Contact us today and our crew will do all the digging, heavy lifting, and removing of the soil and debris for you!

Our clients in Lawrence, KS can take advantage of a wide range of services. We will give you our expert excavation service followed by ground leveling and site grading. With our help, you will have the space for solid foundations and trenches for underground electric, water, sewage, drainage, or gas lines. Call us for septic service and we will help you put this stinky business aside!