Easy Ways to Avoid Septic Tank Problems

Presented by a Professional Septic Service Provider

Fortunately, septic tanks are not like homes meaning they don’t require constant cleaning and maintenance. In fact, their upkeep is pretty easy and simple. If you follow all the rules and recommendations mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual, you will have a normally-functioning septic system for a long time. Still, what do you need to know to avoid booking septic service too often?

Your septic tank takes a lot of beating during its lifespan. All the wastewater from your sinks, showers, and laundry go there. And if you have a big family, you can imagine what goes there and how quickly the tank will fill. So, to avoid expensive repairs, replacements, and premature aging, the most important thing you should never ignore is to schedule appointments for annual inspections. The specialists coming to your house will check the condition of your tank and drain field. They will also seek indications of any visible and hidden trouble. So, annual maintenance is a must.

Another aspect is to make sure you don’t drain anything forbidden into your drains. Don’t put harmful substances, like harsh chemicals, paper towels, paints, oil, grease, etc. Keep the system manufacturer’s manual at hand, so that you can take it out and read it every time you suspect any issues. Furthermore, make sure your septic tank is pumped on a regular basis. Never wait for it to be completely full to call the local professionals. Remember, backup wastewater can lead to multiple health problems and house damage.

Learn how to recognize the most typical signs of a full septic tank and watch for them every now and then. If you listen to the advice provided by the company that installed your system for regular upkeep, you shouldn’t experience any serious issues. In addition to this, we recommend you cover the tank with grass or any other organic matter so it can “breathe”. The soil underneath the plantings allows air flow into the tank for easier biomass decomposition, septic service providers advise.

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