The finest demolition company in Lawrence, KS is Boyd Enterprises!

Uninhabited structures are often left in the hands of the elements – rain, snow, winds…which in time destabilize them and make them dangerous for those around. You are taking an interest in hiring someone to demolish it safely? No problem.

Boyd Enterprises is a demolition company, based in Lawrence, KS. Established in 2003, we have acquired a substantial amount of experience in demolishing old buildings and structures with the utmost regard for safety and professionalism. We can demolish anything from a shed to a multi story house. Each of our licensed and trained specialists work to very strict protocols, in order to ensure absolute safety when executing a demolition task. We do not spare any resources we have, in order for everything to go smoothly. What defines us as a professional demolition company is our preparation for the job – we initiate safety and accident prevention protocols which have a mission to make every stage of the work go smoothly. When necessary, we advertise scheduled demolishing in the surrounding areas for safety reasons.

Demolition CompanyNo matter what the occasion, DO NOT attempt to perform a demolition task on your own! Negative results from such endeavor can include:

  •  severe loss of property – smashed cars, and damaged houses in the vicinity of the demolition site
  •  injury – from falling debris, or from sharp elements, torn siding, falling fixtures, etc.

Demolition serviceContact Boyd Enterprises and we will professionally help you with your task! Our demolishing specialists are fully geared up and prepared to meet your demolishing expectations with outstanding results. Preparation before undertaking a demolition includes research and study of the area, and the structure that is scheduled for decommission. We work closely with the customer’s engineering and safety staff to produce safe, cost effective methods of deconstruction.

Our competitive prices are balanced perfectly for any budget and our flexible time schedule will appease the time sensitive customers without delay. Working hours are from 9am to 5pm every day of the week. In case of emergency we provide an exclusive service 24 hours a day.

Besides demolition, our company provides a wide array of excavating services including septic tank installation, for you and your yard. If you have a question regarding our demolition or excavating services, or just want to receive additional information, do not hesitate and call the number below:

(785) 423-0680