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Some time ago, you made plans to install a pool behind the house. You go into the backyard, and you take a look, but the scenery is so undiscerning that you feel like your plan has failed even before you started- your poor yard has a couple of tree stumps, semi buried rocks that require heavy lifting equipment, and a wavy ground structure that looks like the after effect of an earthquake. You need an excavation company that will level the imperfections of your backyard, and finally provide you with the space you want to work with.

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Address: 1069 N 1800 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66049

We present to you Boyd Enterprises! Stationed in Lawrence, KS we are the leading excavating contractor providing excavating and demolition services for you and your yard or place of interest. We are licensed and insured and our trained specialists are prepared to undergo any excavating task with the utmost professionalism and care, including adding septic tank at your residence.

Our company was established in 2003, and despite being relatively young, we have become respected and trusted among our customers and the general public.

Here is a short list of services provided by our excavation company:

  • Excavation Company foundation excavating & pool excavation
  •  land grading & leveling for a driveway, patio, shed, play area, tennis court, drainage
  •  site grading – better yards, eliminating slopes, new construction sites
  •  trenching for underground electric or waterlines, sewage, drainage, gas lines
  •  backfilling
  • septic services
  •  correcting wet and low lying land
  •  stump, shrub and rock removal
  •  demolition

We, at Boyd Enterprises, take services of such high caliber very seriously, because throughout our experience, we have seen failures of epic proportions, resulting from the non-professional work of a would-be excavating contractor. If you have suffered from mischievous work attempts in Lawrence, KS do not hesitate to call us at:  (785) 423-0680.

Our excavating contractors will try to repair any damage done to your yard, and provide quality support.

Besides being an excavating contractor, we are also a demolition company like no other. If you have an old structure or shed you want to remove, we can make it happen, and then haul the pieces away, leaving nothing but a clean and leveled free space, ready to be used again.

Excavating Contractor It does not matter what variety of job we are completing – every excavating or demolition task, including septic service, is treated with the same level of importance and attention-to-detail. No detail is left out and no precaution omitted so that process goes as smoothly as possible. Inspection of the site before commencing our work is imperative, and that is why we put all necessary precautions in place, giving you peace of mind that your property is in the right hands.

Our excavating company works with industrial grade heavy machinery, and this is why safety is our number one priority, and without completely preparing the site for operation, we do not start.

“What if the area where I want work done has a tight structure, and getting in machinery will be near to impossible?”

Not to worry. Boyd Enterprises excavation company has vast experience in “tight working places” and specialized equipment that would make any reasonable request possible. We work every day from 9am to 5pm, insuring guaranteed satisfaction. In emergency cases with a presented deadline, we provide exclusive 24 hour service 7 days a week.

Our timetables are extremely flexible, and are designed to fit any situation.

For additional information, assessment and pricing call Boyd Enterprises excavation and demolition company at: (785) 423-0680